• Lynn Gabriel

2021 Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release: now open

Bidding is now open for the 2021 Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release. Companies have the opportunity to bid on release areas until Thursday 3 March 2022.

The acreage release comprises 21 areas across 6 basins offshore:

  • Bonaparte

  • Browse

  • Carnarvon

  • Otway

  • Sorell

  • Gippsland.

All areas in this release are based on industry nominations and public consultation. They are all available for work-program bidding.

The annual acreage release is crucial to the Australian Government's gas-fired recovery plan. Continued exploration ensures we can provide reliable and affordable energy for the future.

See release area information and bidding instructions for the 2021 acreage release.


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