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Recognition and Management at
Marine Oil Spills

12th July 2022 | 9am - 5pm 
Esplanade Hotel Fremantle | Calista Room
Corner Marine Terrace and Essex Street, Fremantle, WA 6160
Cost: $790pp
Space is limited for up to 30 participants.

Includes Materials, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea 

Course Objective

Recognition and management of HAZMAT and HAZARD which may or can be encountered at marine and land oil spills.

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About the Presenter 

Dr Jimmy Seow, ENVIRON Pty Ltd, has more than 35 years’ working experience in incident and emergency response and management, legislation and policy, oil gas and mining resource industry and research.


He was formerly Manager for Pollution Response WA Department of Environment and Water Regulation 15 years responsible for state-wide 24/7 365-day response to Hazmat, Chemical and Pollution Incidents and Emergencies, and former member three WA state Emergency Management Committees for Hazmat, CBRN and Marine Oil Spill.  Dr Seow is also a subject matter expert on PFAS and Firefighting Foam, Chemical & Industrial Fire Pollutants and HSE Risk Management.

He is currently advising Australian companies on PFAS technology and business and a member of an international PFAS subject matter experts’ group from the US, Canada, UK and the EU.

Dr Seow has also published several papers and reports on Hazmat Response and management and PFAS and firefighting foam and presented talk, lectures and training workshops on those subject matter at various forums in Australia and overseas.


Dr Seow is also an Adjunct Professor at Curtin University and Murdoch University for PFAS research, and former Adjunct Associate Professor at Curtin for Hazmat Management and Response teaching and development and Research Fellow HELP University Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

His previous career included Government, Environmental Technology and Management, Oil & Gas and Mining, IT and Technology and Business Facilitation and Development.